Sleep by Jon Shore

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As it's name implies, Sleep will put even the most stubborn insomniac into dreamland.
"It really works!"

Gentle waves, recorded live in digital 3-D stereo, and Jon Shore's soothing vocal guidance create an extremely relaxing atmosphere. There are two separate sleep inducing exercises in this program each approximately 30 minutes in length. Based on the same program created for Johns Hopkins Hospital.

If appropriate, this program is an ideal alternative to sleep medications. We recommend using both mp3s and to alternate each night. Just download the mp3, put it in your computer, tablet, phone or mp3 player and play it.

For maximum effectiveness, listen to Sleep while lying comfortably in your bed. Work with the exercises for at least 7 days. The more you practice the easier it will be to fall asleep without any assistance.

Once you download these meditations 
they are yours. Play them on any device. 
No internet connection required. 
Burn them to a CD if you wish.

No monthly fees, no registration, no memberships, no apps required. 

Do not listen to Sleep while driving or operating machinery.Apple downloads

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